Welcome to SMART 21

What is SMART 21?

SMART 21 (Silver State Modernization Approach for Resources and Technology in the 21st Century) is the State’s response to serve Nevadans with an "efficient and responsive State government" through modernization of Nevada's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ecosystem. Learn more by reading the SMART 21 Information Paper below.

Why do we need SMART 21?

A benchmark study completed by the Hackett Group in 2014 revealed the State of Nevada’s administrative process around financial and human resources management lagged behind other states in efficiency and effectiveness and was marked by a high rate of manual processes and lack of automation or investment in technology. The existing ERP system that was put in place over twenty years ago was highlighted in the study as a customized solution that has not seen significant upgrades since the original implementation.

How is SMART 21 administered?

The Nevada Office of Project Management (OPM) develops and maintains the project charter, engages with state agency leadership to achieve consensus, coordinate project activities, develop project plans and schedules, validate deliverables, enforce project quality standards, and communicate project status to all project stakeholders. Additionally, the OPM is responsible for the oversight of the integrated baseline, and all project management processes and related activities. Most importantly, the OPM ensures the project serves the needs of Nevadans and accomplishes the strategic priorities of the State of Nevada.

Who is Sponsoring SMART 21?

The SMART 21 Executive Committee provides executive sponsorship for the project, making all executive level decisions, establishing broad strategies for the project, and ensuring participation and the commitment of resources by participating agencies.

    Who is representing state agency stakeholders?

    The SMART 21 Steering Committee is comprised of key business stakeholders and leaders from participating state agencies; the Steering Committee provides valuable input to the project to ensure the project serves the business needs of the state while minimizing technical and operational risks.

    How can I participate in SMART 21?

    The SMART 21 State Functional Lead Administrator and Lead Subject Matter Experts are currently conducting meetings with subject matter experts for participating state agencies to identify and validate requirements related to the future Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system.  Ask your agency leadership how you can participate and provide input.

    Additionally, SMART 21 will be conducting 'Outreach' sessions and offering state agencies the opportunity to hold facilitated "town hall" style meetings to increase awareness of the project and foster commitment throughout the project's implementation.

      Will I receive training on the New ERP System?

      Yes, SMART 21 will offer end-user training prior to the deployment of the ERP system. Courses will be scheduled and offered as they become available throughout the SMART 21 project implementation.

        Connect with SMART 21

        Connect with the SMART 21 Office of Project Management (OPM) via the OPM Staff Directory or learn more about our hours of operation, address, phone, fax, and email.